I'll Give Your Case My Full Attention

Make me your criminal defense attorney in San Antonio, TX

Make me your criminal defense attorney in San Antonio, TX

When your freedom is on the line, you can't afford to leave anything up to chance. Make sure you retain a criminal defense attorney who has plenty of time to focus on your case.

I'm William R. Bergmann, the sole criminal defense attorney at Bergmann Law Firm, PLLC in San Antonio, TX. Here's how I can help you if you've been charged with...

  • A violent crime: I can use self-defense or other strong defenses to challenge assault and battery or murder charges.
  • A traffic crime: I can examine the police report for vulnerabilities to build a defense against driving while intoxicated (DWI) or with a suspended license.
  • A drug crime: I'll do my best to help you avoid the harsh penalties of drug possession, distribution or cultivation charges.

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Accused of drunk driving?

If so, contact my DWI law office in San Antonio, TX today. I can explain DWI law in simple terms and detail how I'll protect your rights. I'm ready to devote my full attention to your legal matter.